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Just a few of the ways that we have recently helped our customers solve some of their problems.







We can also...

  • Repair sheaves
  • Supply new sheaves
  • Supply new cable drums
  • Machine cable drum hooks
  • Assist in the installation of your cable drum and sheaves
  • Evaluate the condition of your cable drum at your facility



The photo on the right was taken about 6 weeks after the photo on the left. The cable drum in the photo on the left was actually located in a scrap yard and was about to be chopped up and melted down. The cable drum on the right is headed to a large crane in a major steel mill to help them keep up with their production schedule. Both photos are of the same cable drum!

Cage Gear and Machine could also be known as Cage Gear and Cable Drums!

Don't throw away your worn cable drums or sheaves. We can fix them; Saving you thousands of dollars and months of downtime!

The cable drum repair in the photos saved our customer $ 30,000.00 or more and reduced their downtime by 14 weeks!

We treat every cable drum repair with the utmost care with safety as our primary concern.


  • Step One: The first thing that we do is to determine if your cable drum is a good candidate for repair. We evaluate the construction method and condition of the used cable drum. We also inspect the cable drum body material thickness to make sure we have enough material for the repair, inspect bearing fits, keyway wear and gear fits. If we decide that the cable drum is not a good candidate we will notify you immediately of its condition. If the cable drum appears to be viable for repairs we will report our findings to you with an estimate for the repairs. We will perform no additional work without your approval. We will evaluate the cable drum for you at no cost to you. If you approve the repairs we will proceed to Step 2.
  • Step Two: We will proceed to thoroughly clean the cable drum, sandblast any rusted areas, including welds, with a soft medium as not to remove any of the good metal and perform an NDT inspection of the cable drum to check for any cracks or internal damage. If there are any inclusions found we will provide you with an additional estimate for repairing them (Just for the record, we have only once had to charge anything additional for repairing inclusions, most of the stress and wear on the cable drums occur in the grooves and not the welds). If no inclusions are found we will proceed to Step 3.
  • Step Three: The cable drum will be machined to reestablish proper groove dimensions for the specified rope size, bearing and gear journals will be repaired as required, keyway fits reestablished and drilled and tapped holes cleaned up as needed. If specified by the customer, we will replace bearings, seals and couplings. The cable drum will then be painted safety yellow or another color specified by the customer and tagged with our job number for future traceability. We maintain the NDT Inspection reports and dimensional logs of any repair work for at least ten years and will provide you a copy for your records.
  • Step Four: We will prepare the cable drum for shipping to your facility or can drop ship direct to your customer using your paperwork, saving you the additional expense and work of shipping the cable drum twice. We can also prepare the cable drum for long term storage per customer request.

"Cage Gear and Cable Drum Repair" offers a one year warranty on any work that we perform and parts supplied in the repair process. We are proud to say, as to date, we have not had to rework a single cable drum that we repaired! Our staff is pretty proud of that!

Visit our flickr galleries for before and after images of just a few of our repair projects.





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